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Virtual Pilates Matwork classes

Pilates Plus Virtual Mat classes available now.

I truly hope that this message finds you well. As a team we have been working together on finalising a way to continue with our ongoing support during these unpredictable times.


We will be offering LIVE Virtual Pilates Mat Classes

To book a class you will need to follow the normal steps as usual using our online booking system. We are using ZOOM software (link below) so please download the software on your computer or smart phone so we can see each other.

Here are a few important notes to be aware of:

1. Up to15 minutes before the class all booked members will receive a link to join the class.Just click on the link.

2. You will need quiet space with a Pilates mat and a well lit room so we can see you.

3. Please ensure your phone or laptop is securely placed about 1-2 meters from you on the floor so we can see a side view of your body. This way we can provide supportive cues whilst you are moving.

4. Please wear colourful clothing so we can see your movements.

5. Also note you will all be on mute from the teachers side so everyone can enjoy a peaceful class.

6. For safety if you feel uncomfortable or in Pain please Stop and we can discuss this after the class.

Let's get out mats ready and our bodies moving again.

We look forward to seeing you.

Galina, Austin, Carla, Claire, Jane, Juliet and Louise.




"BOOK ONLINE BUTTON" - Mindbody Online or through the Mindbody online App.

BUT FIRST REMEMBER to download ZOOM software.

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