Osteopathy is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clincal Excellence) for back related pain and injuries.  It is a leading manual therapy treatment.


Our Osteopathy service focus is on clients most critical issues. Whether this be muscle pain,back pain,neck pain or other pathologies we aim to progressively and holistically bring you back to full health.

As Osteopaths we look at the symptoms of pain and discomfort but more importantly we aim to treat the cause of pain.

Example: Ankle pain may be due to leg length discrepencies, poor gait, internal pathologies, sprains,slip disc or posture. By holistically we mean an Osteopath examines the whole body and looks for imbalances in the structure which may contribute to the pain. Osteopaths take into consideration the paitient's lifestyle and occupation. For example:if you are seated or lifting heavy equipment a lot at work this could contribute to lower back issues.

Our Osteopaths have many years of experience in Osteopathy but also other key disciplines such as Pilates, Manual therapy, physical therapy (via Pilates 1:1), Rehabilitation and Medical Acupuncture which benefit overall recovery.


Galina Bell Ost BSc (Hons)
Tel: 020 8859 9790


Acupuncture uses fine needles to tap into the bodies natural energy channels. It is used to provide a level of balance within the body and can also be used to numb painful areas and allow natural healing to take place.

Our acupuncturist uses 5 element acupuncture to effectively draw on the bodies chi (blood flow) and provide a body aided solution for many conditions. These conditions include not only pain and discomfort but also addictions such as smoking, anxiety and also pregnancy and fertility.
Our SE London based acupuncturist is successful in treating many conditions. He is one of Londons most trusted acupunturists.

Our Acupuncturist has been with us for 7 years now and we recommend a visit for an acupuncture session. 

Andrew Ogleby 
Tel: 07891-800-606
Lic. Ac. Licentiate in Acupuncture
BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Sport Science

Massage is a good way to unwind and at the Fitness clinic we have a specialist masseuse who helps with many forms of massage including relaxation, sports massage, hot stone, shiatsu, deep tissue, pregnancy massage and many others. See her credentials below.

Tel: 07815-016-028


email albinag.massage@gmail.com




Our SE London based reflexologist uses traditional reflexology.

Reflexology is the application of finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the hands/feet.

Using varied pressure and massage techniques, which Reflexologists believe correspond to different areas of the body. It can be used to help promote deep relaxation and to ease a variety of health conditions including stress, digestive,
respiratory and hormonal symptoms.

Leonie Pape MAR BSc (Hons)
Tel: 07791-653-802



Try Pilates private sessions with your own instructor.
One to one Pilates helps you to make progress at your own pace without time restraints. It can be with or without equipemnt and idea for those with scehdules which need to be flexible.


Speak to a professional today.  




Tel: 020 8859 9790

“The team at the fitness clinic are fantastic. I have recommended them to friends and family and work colleagues and they are always friendly, poistive, knowledgable and welcoming”

Karen G - Westcombe Park

Find a pilates class in London www.pilatesinlondon.co.uk

Find an Osteopath in London for back pain, neck pain. Osteopathic member of of the Osteopathic Council.  Our Osteopaths are some of the best in London with  many years of experience in Osteopathy but also other key disciplines  such as acupuncture, Massage and Nutrition which help with overall body maintenance.Osteopaths are regulated and monitored by the General Osteopathic council. An Osteopath undergoes 5 years of training similar to a doctor and in the USA they are considered doctors.Pilates SE3 Blackheath Pilates SE10 London